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Boasting over 8 years in the field, we specialize in tele-fundraising services for NGOs, backed by a wealth of successful campaigns and case studies.

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We are the world best Tele-fundraising company

Tele-fundraising is the art of aiding nonprofits in enhancing their fundraising efforts. Nonprofits turn to our tele-fundraising services for various reasons, such as leveraging external expertise and benefiting from our specialized skills in donor communication and campaign strategy.

Thanks to our extensive experience and connections with numerous organizations, our firm is deeply familiar with the “best practices” in the realm of tele-fundraising, ensuring effective and efficient donor engagement and support.

Social Impact Internship

Join Us in Creating Positive Change!

Welcome to the “Social Impact Internship” at  Growth Alleys. We’re on the lookout for passionate individuals eager to make a meaningful difference. This internship isn’t just about gaining experience; it’s about being a catalyst for positive societal change.

"As an intern here, I've experienced tremendous growth. The hands-on approach allowed me to actively contribute to important projects, enhancing my skills and understanding of the nonprofit sector. This internship has been a defining step in my career development."
Rounak pandey
"This internship was beyond rewarding. Working alongside a passionate team, I was involved in impactful community projects, which not only honed my professional skills but also deepened my commitment to social causes. The mentorship and support I received were exceptional."
"Joining as an intern, I never imagined the breadth of learning and experience I would gain. From strategic planning to engaging with global communities, every task was a new learning opportunity. It’s been an inspiring journey, shaping both my personal and professional perspectives."
Team Lead

Discover Real Impact - Stories from Our Team

Hear from our dedicated full-time employees and interns about their journey in creating meaningful change and developing vital skills through our comprehensive social programs and internships.

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